Typhoon Morakot landed in the midnight of August 8 ,2009, almost the entire southern region of Taiwan (Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung counties) and parts of Taitung County and Nantou County were flooded by record-breaking heavy rain. Typhoon Morakot wrought catastrophic damage in Taiwan, leaving 461 people dead and 192 others missing, most of whom are feared dead and roughly NT$110 billion ($3.3 billion USD) in damages. 


In order to help rebuilt schools that were affected by Morakot, Acer, Asus and Intel Taiwan, and Microsoft Taiwan, joined forces with ISPA, Taiwan Association for Educational Communication and Technology(TAECT) and the Ministry of Education to promote “Enhance Teaching” project by supplying 2,250 units of computer and software to help the affected K-12 schools in the 7 counties.


The process of the program starts with “Receive Training First, Provide Resources Afterwards,” after teachers finish IT training, donated computers will assist them in promoting innovative teaching method, as well as achieving in-school and inner-school peer coaching.

Followed by innovative donation method, when recipients apply for the computers, the school must make a commitment to participate in innovative teaching. The principle must also agree and indorse the school’s commitment to the program, this will allow the school to forward themselves in innovative education and achieve the purpose of continuity.


Regarding scalability, the program reached out to the 7 counties that were most affected by typhoon Morakot, which adds up to 1/3 of Taiwan’s administrative district. We assisted 290 schools and trained 2,250 E-learning teachers, contributed toward reducing digital divide between urban and remote cities. A total of 11,764 educational staff and 450,000 students were a beneficiary of this project. With publicity generated by program kick-off press conference, it  also attracted public attention.


As to monitoring and evaluation, the program is equipped with fair and just assessment plans and monitoring mechanism, making sure the execution process is credible. In order to apply, the affected school must obtain an educational expert to act as project consultant. The entire screening process is transparent to the public. Research report will be presented during an annual international conference, allowing international education experts to further review and evaluate this project.

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